Love poem

Cherry blossoms fill the air
While the wind blows through your hair
An absolutely perfect view
Because, my darling, I love you

You have the most radiant smile
And in your eyes, I get lost for more than a while
I can’t break my gaze from you
Because, my darling, I love you

And any time you’re near
All my troubles just disappear
I can see any trouble through
Because, my darling I love you

I’ll give you my life
And make you my wife
Start my world brand new
Because my darling, I love you

There’s not much in life I know
And less I know is certain
But one thing I know is true
Is that, my darling, I love you

So please just say “I do”



as I see her walking past;
A phantom of a future I’ll never have,
A ghost of romance and history
A Beautiful mother
And he, handsome,
Doubtlessly more fit for her than I.
And thus doubt floods my mind,
Once more.
For I am accursed,
By some strange musing I had uttered:
“I will never love again”
And then, I meant it.
Perhaps now I regret it.
Wretched I stand,
As the phantom passed.
Exhausted, I sit…
Perhaps more like collapse.
Lonely nights last longer than I will bear.
I had it all and let it go
I say to myself as I pour one more drink.
Restless, I lie in bed,
For now.
Until I feel it all start to slip away
I feel my soul drain from my vessel.
Restless no more,
Now I sleep, eternally.