Love poem

Cherry blossoms fill the air
While the wind blows through your hair
An absolutely perfect view
Because, my darling, I love you

You have the most radiant smile
And in your eyes, I get lost for more than a while
I can’t break my gaze from you
Because, my darling, I love you

And any time you’re near
All my troubles just disappear
I can see any trouble through
Because, my darling I love you

I’ll give you my life
And make you my wife
Start my world brand new
Because my darling, I love you

There’s not much in life I know
And less I know is certain
But one thing I know is true
Is that, my darling, I love you

So please just say “I do”



as I see her walking past;
A phantom of a future I’ll never have,
A ghost of romance and history
A Beautiful mother
And he, handsome,
Doubtlessly more fit for her than I.
And thus doubt floods my mind,
Once more.
For I am accursed,
By some strange musing I had uttered:
“I will never love again”
And then, I meant it.
Perhaps now I regret it.
Wretched I stand,
As the phantom passed.
Exhausted, I sit…
Perhaps more like collapse.
Lonely nights last longer than I will bear.
I had it all and let it go
I say to myself as I pour one more drink.
Restless, I lie in bed,
For now.
Until I feel it all start to slip away
I feel my soul drain from my vessel.
Restless no more,
Now I sleep, eternally.


I’ve spent my life striving to impress
All I’ve gained is heartbreak and duress
It’s time I start breaking to be free
Time I start only thinking of me
(Don’t think that way, stay in the light
You swore to do good, to always do right
Think about others, not of yourself
Give up on fame and women and wealth)
I’ll no longer care for what others need
For now my own gut’s the only thing that I’ll feed
Solitude is all I’ll ever seek
An open heart can only make me weak
(Keep your heart strong, righteous and just
 Keep your heart empty of anger and lust
Seek a righteous and virtuous life
Even if it brings conflict or strife)
It’s always been an eye for an eye, so why not I?
I can make her suffer, I will make her cry
I miss her and I wish things weren’t this way
 But she broke my heart, and now she’s going to pay
(Move on from the heartbreak, give up on the pain
For revenge is a dish dealt only in vain
Hate the sin, not the sinner
 In the game of revenge nobody’s a winner)
She’s just a virus, and nothing more
That got into my heart through an open sore
She tore up my heart, broke me from inside
treated me with contempt and cast me aside
( Forgive and forget, move on from the pain
Adopt the grace, and neglect disdain
you don’t need her, give up the grudge
We’re all only human, you’re in no place to judge)
Once I release myself of this bane
I’ll never let myself love again


Am I a masochist
That I torture myself this way?
As you sit there, miss catalyst,
The means to my agony
If I could just move on
Would that be my remedy?
Or will I be forever drawn
By the memories of you and me?
Held back by our once great passion
 I feel I will never be free
So now I will ration
The little moments we share
Or would it be better to all together
 Let go of the girl who’d never care,
Who’s heart’s crafted from leather
Beautiful angel, wicked parasite
Heavy as lead, but light as a feather
My greatest cure, my toxic blight
 My rationale, my insanity
I’d kill to have you back
But I see you have no humanity
It’s sympathy you lack
No care for how I feel
We had something rare
Something I knew was real
But it’s just so damn unfair
How you used me and just left
Maybe someday I’ll learn
To recover from your great theft
To heal this wicked burn
To move on and love another

The Midnight Melody

I still lie awake at night, plagued with thoughts of you
 The insomniac “what if’s” and “if only’s” that keep my mind full steam
And the few hours I have to call my sleep
 Are occupied by dreams of me and you and another man
You’ve moved on to a life that has no room for me
And now I’m just a shadow of a memory you used to live
 Following you around, longing to connect
 But separated, held worlds apart
You say you miss me, that you were better off before
 But it’s just the thought of me, not the being that’s so much more
 You could have had me back, but you chose to leave me behind,
As you walk a dark and barren path, a life you used to adore
And you torture me with messages of happier times and boys other than me
Which I read in the dark, alone on the weekend night
I honestly hope that this is worth it, that this life brings you joy
So much more than what I could have gave, what I could have done for you
But if at night you lie alone, wishing for me, too
then my pain and loneliness is all for nothing
So make good use of what you have, what a life without me got you
For I hope it’s worth leaving behind
A love no one else could compare to

Two Years of Gold; Two Weeks of Black

You once were mine
And I was proud of that fact
 I loved you, I cared for you
Like a precious artifact
And I could have sworn
 You felt the same for me too
But you’ve found another
And played me like the fool
Now jealousy rots me to the core
Twisted thoughts prevail my mind
 Images of you loving another man
 Burn my heart and cause it to grind
How could you love a another man
So quickly
What we had was special
 At least to me
I was part of your family
They called me their son
And I wanted to live life with you
But now it’s all said and done
And here I am miserable
Do you even think of me
Or was I something you’d want to forget
So easily
Was this all just an act
Was it only a game?
Well I gave you my heart
 And I thought you felt the same
But two years you put behind
 Like it never mattered
Then played with my heart
left me broken and battered
I tried and I tried
 To give you all my heart
I thought we were going somewhere
 Til you ripped me apart
I was happy with you
And With you I found hope
But you used me and left me
At the end of a rope

Fun with Colours

You blue my hope away with these words that you said.
The night you tore my heart apart played in my head
Like some kind of play, that over and over I red.
You gave me up for another man, so now as I sit in my bed,
I’m blind with anger and green with envy.
The days have since turned grey, and my heart’s become black.
The sun, once a vibrant yellow, has dulled and mellowed.
I valued you like silver and gold,
you were mine to love, mine to hold.