Watch your feet, lads aboard
Over deck lives a beast
With an insatiable hunger
For all kinds of meats
She lurks the seabed below
Eyes fixed on her prey
She’ll stalk and she’ll creep
And strike without delay

Calm seas and dark skies

Tells that she’s got you in her eyes

Then the currents will shift

The surface will break

As she erupts from the sea

Leaving great whirlpools in her wake

The salty stand petrified

The green cower and hide

Kings and men alike

Too powerless to strike
Her arms grow long
And many there are at that
They’ll rip apart your vessel
And leave You no time for combat

Claws, like daggers, grow from each limb
To rip both flesh and oak
She’ll tear in half any ship
All in a single stroke
She’ll swallow you whole
Her maw will be your demise
Her gut you’ll find your grave
Your death, a grim surprise