Who Do You Think You Are

Who the hell do you think you are
Don’t act like you’re so special
A million men have thoughts like yours
 A thousand more obey them
Just keep your mouth shut tight young man
No one wants to hear a word from it
Your feelings are too damn cliche
Your thoughts are insignificant
It doesn’t matter how you feel
Nothing you think is important
Your feelings are so unoriginal
Nothing you say’s worth saying
No one wants to hear what you think
Not a single soul will care
Your anguish is nothing new
So just stop only thinking of you
You’re an empty brain and a worthless heart
Your actions see no consequence
You’re just digging yourself into a hole
miserable for the sake of misery
“Give me love, give attention to me
I want to feel special, I want your pity”
You’re just another face in the crowd
Just another speck in the dirt

No refuge for a broken man

Do you see what you put me through
Lord knows I would have changed for you
In you I found pride
But I guess sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side
I found solace, I found hope
But now my heart’s so empty
And I can’t find a way to cope
With this pain and fear
 And a stomach full of disgust
From the painful words that night were discussed
Depression never seemed so well defined
 As it is this time
 As sleepless nights prevail
And haunting memories plague my mind
Your words spoke one way
 But your body said another
my heart was confused
And it had me believe
That this time I wouldn’t suffer
 You’ve already moved on
But I just can’t forget
I’d love to escape this pain
And insurmountable regret
It hurts to look in your face
But I’m so content in your embrace
And yet it pains me still to hold
A lover lost, replaced by the empty cold
I fought for a second chance
I didn’t know it was in vain from the start
 And now I live day by day with
A broken mind and an empty heart
It’s too late now that I’ve realized what I’d lost
And the times I’d change, rearrange who I was
I never imagined a ravaged mind would bring such a cost
You’re gone now, and who this man that I am was the cause