Sleep Soft This Day (November 2010)

Oh, where the years did go?
one may never know.
What days spent running, care-free
Just you and me.

the youth had left your eyes
too soon to say goodbye.
the colour left your hair
time left so quick, it’s so unfair.

So sleep soft this day.
May rest find your way.
now I’m so alone this day

We’ve got no time to weep,
Cause we’re knee deep
In the grave you’ll find your sleep

Your eyes, the sky were grey
The weather, so cliché.

Let’s get this underway

Tonight, I’ll stay awake
My heart can’t flee the ache
Now I know, life’s so give and take

so sleep soft this day
may rest find your way
and I know I’ll be okay


Hatred (September 2010)

I know it’s there
I feel it on me
around me
in me

I can’t help but breathe it in
the smell
the stench
it’s suffocating

I don’t fear depression
I embrace it’s madness with eager arms
and curse as it leaves me here

How can I heal when
all I have is my anger

how can I live when
if the world burnt away
I would stand at it all

Who am I to say “you can be healed”
when my open wounds
reach across my soul

am I but a hypocrite
am I only lost

I can’t let it go
it’s all I’m living for

Juno’s Her Name (November 2010)

“Sixty seconds!”
the sergeant cries out
as the wide beach opens to us

what this minute means
soldiers brought to tears
anxious in the waking madness

Juno’s her name
her voice calls to me
in the sound of released shells

her arms reach far
her face runs deep
smoke laces the sky like her hair

mortars like freckles
bunkers like eyes
wire strung along,
grinning at us all

Juno’s her name
gunpowder is her breath
her face so far to tread

merely but ten seconds now
rifles at the ready
shifting in my place

the whistle blows
as the gates release.
men like wild dogs race out
to greet the coming madness

Juno’s her name
her face so spoiled
with blood and bodies alike

So I lay here now
not knowing how to move
body broken for you

Juno was her name
her lips, now my grave
her song and mine the same

Joker’s Eyes (March 2011)

These memories; such are the chips in the pot.

What have I in my hand? nothing but the joker stares me eye to eye
What have i ever stood for? what confidence have I in commitment?
The sights and sounds run through my mind day in and night out

streaking down and down like lines, they long for an ending
I’d burn it all if only you’d give me but a match
I’d slash your pretty eyes out would that stop your jealousy
Have i ever faced rock bottom? or has my dilemma just been an utter cry for pity
I fear the shadow of humility, desiring of me what i cannot be
I don’t know what my words mean anymore
My porcelain mask has cracks deeper than my soul
So I bear the weight of depression like a hiker with his daily meals trudging through the alps
I dance a lie like many others; a quick waltz to “no really”, a tango of “i’m fine”
I’ve hated for so very long. I’ve hated and hated, and burned my hatred clean, I’ve grown so old and tired, and i’m barely seventeen

A Gem Among Pebbles (May 2011)

It was a beach I sat at for long And surrounded by fog My sight was so wrong And where I was, I bled and cried Lost and alone, and nowhere to hide
I had once found a stone, so beautiful Though far from the shore Not simple to grasp To fetch this one stone, I swam in the sea But the shrill waters had nearly drowned me
I awoke on the land, broken and sore Coughing up blood, crying “no more!” I opened my eyes, only to see A beautiful gem staring at me
I picked the stone right out of the sand The beautiful stone was warm in my hand I’ll hold this gem so close to my heart And pray to The Lord, “Don’t take us apart”

The Fall, The Climb (April 2011)

Was it the gift you gave to the boy, Who promised you the world, Then threw you away like an old toy?
Was it the abusive wife, The unending alcohol, That made you take your life?
Was it from the girl who stole your heart, That causes your cold sweat to seep, And your burning tears to fall
So you search for your steel cure, As you silently weep, And your world hits rock floor
On this bloody stained bed, Where your fix finds its fixation, And your heart screams “Go ahead! Go ahead!”
When there’s a hole in your soul, Your life quietly lifts away. And you pray for your last day.
Where the shadows lie You’ll find no hope, no life, no love
So step into the light
Where there’s a hero in us all
No matter the fall, no matter the pain There’s always a way to restore The life, the love you had before